October 2008


The Bill for our Party is now due

There's no easy way to summarise why we are where we are today (other than the word 'greed').

Mike 'Mish' Shedlock has a few thoughts though:

Global Recession Headed Our Way

The world is heading for a global recession and a sure bet is that it will be blamed on a subprime crisis in the US. The reality is the greatest liquidity experiment in history is now crashing to earth.


Phil Learns to Ski, again (2008)

The last ski of the season and Phil learns to telemark, sort of.

21st September, 2008 on the sunny slopes of Mt McKay (Falls Creek). Here's the mess we made:


Life Imitates Art

via Calculated Risk:

Greenspan and The Simpsons (20 seconds):

Greenspan and Casablanca (19 seconds):