Chasing Comet Lulin with Neil


Chasing Comet Lulin with Neil

On Saturday I dragged Neil Creek, a long time and astronomically minded friend, to Heathcote. A contributing factor was that I knew we'd both enjoy pointing his brand new Canon 5DmkII at the heavens, and in particular towards Comet Lulin.

Am I jealous.. you bet :-)

Comet Lulin at Heathcote LMDSS
The bright star is Regulus in Leo and the faint smudge above it is the Leo A dwarf galaxy
Saturday 28th Feb 2009
Takahashi Epsilon 530mm f3.3
Canon 5DmkII ISO6400
33 * 1 minute

Here's Neil's portrait of me the astrophotographer:

Check out Neil's blog post on the whole night - movies, panoramas, the works. A better photographic record of a night at Heathcote than I'll ever put together!