Karen and Phil's Ceilidh - Guestbook


Karen and Phil's Ceilidh - Guestbook

Welcome to Karen and Phil's online Guestbook for their Wedding Ceilidh

A Ceilidh (sounds like 'kay-li') is a traditional Gaelic social dance originating in Ireland and Scotland. Before discos and nightclubs, there were Ceilidhs in most town and village halls on Friday or Saturday nights and they are still common today. The Australian Bush Dance is derived from the Scottish Ceilidh and traditional dances from other parts of the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.

Originally, a ceilidh was a social gathering of any sort, and did not necessarily involve dancing. The 'ceilidh' was an evening of literary entertainment where stories and tales, poems and ballads, are rehearsed and recited, and songs are sung, conundrums are put, proverbs are quoted, and many other literary matters are related and discussed.

So if you have a song, a story, your wishes or anything else you'd like to share we'd love to hear about it below!

Phil & Kaz



I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope you both have a gorgeous day. I have three lovely songs for you and I'm sending them via email. I wish I could be there to push the band off the stage and sing them myself. Ha! Lots of love to you both xxxx Hilary.

Hi guys, I found this message on a postcard dated 1918 from a son to his mother.

The world trail stretches far away
Toward sunset's glow at close of day;
A hard trail off for weary feet,
Though edged with blossoms dewy sweet.
True friend and comrade on the way,
You've cheered and helped me day by day;
Staunch as the rocks, strong as the hills,
Your friendship stands through all life's ills.

I raise my glass to two good and true people.
Joyce x

Should say hard trail oft instead of off!

Hi Kaz and Phil,
What a grand day this is - two fine people committing their hearts and souls to each others care. Despite not having had a great deal of success in it myself, I have a profound respect for marriage when its done as part of a growing and deepening relationship. So I wish you both great "Joy of Living" together and great fun today with all your friends. Hope you make it to Scotland again , but if not, beware.... you are on my visit list when I cash in my Airmiles....
Congratulations from Inverurie

Many congratulations on your wedding Phil and Kaz! Hope you have a wonderful time at your ceilidh and that you have many happy memories of the day.

Wish we could be there, but it's a wee bit far, even for a good ceilidh!

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness, and Torc says "may your bodhran never run dry"!

Lots of love,

Lang may your lum reek

Torcuill and Melanie

Hi Phil, Kaz,

Sarah and I hope you have had a great and very special day today. Sorry that we could not make it but we are in Spain with the family for Easter.
I hope the Ceilidh goes down well in Australia tonight and that all your guests have been practising or it could all turn out to be a bit of a strimash!!!!

Well "may your lum reek lang"

All the best and lots of love

Gavin, Sarah, Thomas, Olivia and of course the wee fella Max XXX

I like being married! :)


Hi Guys,
sorry I didn't get your email until this morning, (6/4/09) so I missed the chance to send a messgae for the actual day. I hope you both had a really good day surrounded by friends and family and knowing those who can't be here send their love and their best wishes as well.

All the best for your future. I hope you got your wedding pressie from your friends in Aberdeen by now.

Lots of love

Margaret (McKeen)

hope you had a wonderful day. I was in Edinburgh with 2 of my sisters for a surprise birthday meal with my dad who was 75 on Saturday and I just got back on Sunday night and didn't switch on the computer. I had it in my head that the Ceilidh was today!
Enjoy married life and very best wishes from Rachel, Kevin, Finn, Dermot and Alexa. xxx

Hello Mr and Mrs Hart!
Just got back this morning so hope you had a great day and everybody has sore feet and bruises if it was a really good ceilidh! lol

... to know that you pair have at last got properly hitched.

Awrabess - Jimmy

Dear Kaz and Phil,
A big congratulations to the two of you and I hope the day was all you wished for and more. I was thinking about you both and was sorry that I could not be there. I do wish you all the happiness in the world. All the best for a wonderful future together as husband and wife, where you can build a lifetime of happy memories to share with your children (one day?!). I do hope to catch you both soon. Love and best wishes, Alisha, Rory and Jackson xoxo

Thanks for a wonderful party!