Mt Niles in the Twilight and Moonlight

These two images of Mt Niles were captured from the Scott Duncan Memorial Hut, on the last and coldest night of the Wapta Traverse Ski Trek in the Canadian Rockies which I did with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures in April 2012.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

These images were taken on the night of 7th April, Easter Saturday, one day after Full Moon.

The top image is 42 one minute exposures which started during evening twilight. The bottom image is 5 one minute exposures, just as the bright Easter Moon was rising in the east. Which one do you like most?

It had been a tough day's skiing, coming up from Balfour Hut over the Balfour High Col with very unpleasant conditions at the pass. At the Scott Duncan Memorial Hut that evening, it was bitterly cold and windy but beautifully clear. Just being outside was hard work and even the camera was a little unhappy about it, but I did manage to get these shots. Of course I did not have a tripod so had to make do with the rocky outcrop that looks back over Mt Niles, which we passed on our descent the following day.

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