Valentine's Aurora


Valentine's Aurora

It's been a long learning curve, but I'm pleased to have finally released my second timelapse video from my 'Aurora Adventures in the Yukon' earlier this year.

The image sequences for this footage were captured with two Canon 5D Mark II cameras with 14mm and 24mm lenses, Canon 1100D (aka Rebel T3) with 10-22mm lens and a Canon 5D with 8mm Fisheye lens. Motion control was using a custom controller by Fred Vanderhaven and a Vixen Polarie. Temperature around -20C (-5F) but thankfully not much wind. This was only my second night out on location away from the house where I was staying with my hosts Andrea and Florian Lemphers, without whose generosity and adventurous spirit the whole trip would not have been possible. Aside from the fisheye footage, which was running autonomously back at 'home', all of these sequences were captured from Annie Lake Road, south of Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon, on the 14th February. The Aurora was visible even before twilight had ended, and the storm was active for several hours and frequently held me spellbound with its brightness and fast movement. Special thanks for the music to my talented friends Dean (sound production and editing) and Dayna Roberts (violin), who also produce fine wine in South Gippsland at Lithostylis. I'm now undecided as to whether music or wine-making is the more time consuming of their passions! Enjoy!



Intensely pleasurable!

Any chance of other music, without the stereotypical rhythm tracks? Love the violin playing, but the drums don't really go with the dreamy visuals.