Eclipsed! Ballarat Photo Biennale Exhibition at Bibo Cafe


Eclipsed! Ballarat Photo Biennale Exhibition at Bibo Cafe

Eclipsed! is my first significant solo exhibition, which features images from five of my local eclipse chasing efforts and large format prints of the stunning results I captured at the Great American Eclipse in August 2017. Head along to Bibo Cafe in Ballarat for a look, and be sure to tell them I sent you! Below are links to more details and the story behind each image. This exhibition was also awarded the Biennale Open Program Judge's Prize

Great American Eclipse from Idaho and the Tetons

Solar Streamers - the atmosphere of the Sun


Baily's Beads and Solar Prominence at the end of Totality


Eclipse over the Tetons

Eclipse over the Tetons - the unique View from Table Mountain


On Location: My Takahashi FS-102 telescope capturing the eclipse.


Wide view of Solar Corona


The Moon in Motion


Lunar and Solar Eclipses from Western Victoria and Oz

Lunar Eclipse over Waubra Wind Farm 2018




Partial Solar Eclipse at Lake Bolac 2014



Queensland Solar Eclipse 2012


Total Lunar Eclipse from Mt Buffalo, 16th June 2011. 

Mount Buffalo Lunar Eclipse 2011