About Phil

Phil Hart
Engineer by day, astronomer by night.
Phil Hart has been enjoying and photographing the night sky for nearly thirty years. His award winning photos have been published in books, magazines and popular websites around the world. He is the three-time winner and member of the judging panel for the David Malin Astrophotography Awards and author of the Shooting Stars eBook.
His first total solar eclipse in June 2001 in Zimbabwe changed the course of his life and led him to five years in Scotland where he got addicted to chasing the Aurora Borealis (despite the infamous Scottish weather). His love for such ephemeral astronomical events has gotten increasingly out of hand. What started with a removal company transporting gear to Cairns in 2012 for three Victorian photographers, became 12 cameras across Idaho and Wyoming in 2017. Then showing total disregard for any life lessons that may have been learnt from those expeditions, he wholeheartedly over-committed himself to the Exmouth solar eclipse in April 2023.
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