Back Country Skiing in NSW (2009)


Back Country Skiing in NSW (2009)

Here are a select few photos from a week of back country skiing on the NSW Main Range:

Whites River Hut

Twilight and Moonlight over the Valley


Camping by the Hut



View towards the Main Range



Tracey-Ann's Snow Duck



Now excuse me for being ridiculously geeky, but this is just too cool. That there is a google map of our tracks during the week of back country skiing (and driving) in NSW, recorded with my new GPS. And those little red markers.. well they are 'georeferenced' photos.. each photo shown in the exact location where it was taken. Click one and see.. cool huh!? Don't forget to zoom in and pan around on the map. Or you can browse all these photos and more in the Gallery. Thanks to Mark, Tracey-Ann, Tim, Kevin and Sanna for a great week!



Geeky question - how did you sync the GPS information up with the photos? And once the photos had GPS info, how did you get them on the Google Map?

I used RoboGeo software to sync the GPS track log from a Vista eTrex unit to the EXIF timestamp info in the photos. I'm using the track log saved to the data card rather than internal memory, as most Garmin units discard the time stamps from the track logs that are saved to internal memory. Camera time needs to accurately match the GPS time.

RoboGeo can export the results to Google Earth (really cool, especially in the city where Google Earth imagery is already high-res) and also to a standalone Google Maps page. I then fudged around with Google API stuff to get it embedded in this website, using the instructions here:

You can merge the html template from that page with the html page that RoboGeo generates to get the result above.

Nice one Phil. Good to see there was still some good snow.
For more map goodness, check out They use Google Maps, but also provide a heap more functions to add that little bit of pizzazz.

Here's an example: